Your Apple Mac Battery Is Weak: Here’s What to Do

Tips for Saving Your Apple Mac Battery

Apple macbook battery life is a precious commodity for many of us. The truth is, it doesn’t last forever. And the unfortunate reality is that when your apple mac’s battery starts to die, you can’t just plug in and keep going. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms with your Apple laptop, it may be time to invest in a repair or replacement: Your Mac takes more than 3 hours to charge up, it shuts down without warning, or it has trouble waking from sleep mode.

Don’t wait until you’re completely out of juice before taking action! Try this so that you can avoid the dreaded laptop shutdown. Things You’ll Need: Your Apple Mac-specific charger cable, a spare power cord or battery pack for your device (if you have one), and an external monitor/screen if available. Plug in to charge up on AC power using your specific MacBook charging connector, then switch over to use only battery power by disconnecting from the charger.

Try This

To do this while keeping all of your open documents and apps running uninterrupted, make sure that when you plug it into the wall outlet with your adapter cable that you’re also plugged into an external screen like a second display or TV. When fully charged, swap out the current drained backup battery for a fresh replacement so that both batteries will be 100% charged.

Keep it cool! Your Apple battery can last up to three times as long in cold temperatures, so keep your laptop out of the sun and heat as much as possible during summertime. You’ll also want to avoid using heavy duty apps like Photoshop or Final Cut Pro on your Macbook if you’re not plugged into an external monitor/screen because this will drain power faster than most other tasks. And finally, don’t forget that running down completely is always worse for any device’s battery life since it takes more juice to charge back up again from 0%. So try not to let yourself get below 15% before plugging in when at all possible – even if that means plugging in to a different power source/charger.