List Of Venues And Gambling Dens That Pay Musicians

One of the demands of musicians, especially professionals and serious projects, are venues and gambling dens where they can play and remunerate the musicians who perform that night, during some event, to a greater or lesser degree, to entertain their stay at the venue for providing engaging content to the place so that attendees have the perfect excuse to go to the said place and consume.

Of course, it is not about giving anything to anyone and that each party must be very clear about their business model to collaborate and concentrate efforts in one direction to provide a space and a quality experience to the user/consumer/music lover so that it is worthwhile for him to travel to the place, consume, socialize, enjoy live music and above all, that it is more worth than staying at home watching concerts on YouTube, going to the cinema, an exhibition or anything else to spend your time and money on.

That is why, and at the request of our readers, we have created this online space so that collaboratively, together, we can write as comments to these post rooms, areas, gambling dens, etc., that we consider that they comply with the title of this action.

Adaptation, strategies, and solidarity

After lifting some isolation restrictions, marching bands become more active. Although not only them but also mariachis, jaraneros, typical orchestras, dancers, etc. They share the streets and turn them into a party.

Faced with the crisis, the gangs have had to adapt themselves and propose strategies that significantly benefit them. For example, the number of its members has been reduced. To divide into smaller groups, they have valued the function of the instrument that each one plays and its location in the city. Thus, around 5 to 7 musicians take to the streets to hose, that is, to request a voluntary donation of money. As long as they are small groups, the little they collect will constitute a more significant profit for each one. Likewise, musicians play in one band, but they can also participate in others and even form new ones.

Finally, in the care, the use of the mask and the physical distance between themselves and the public is essential. They always try to comply with the rules. Public reactions to music bands are diverse. Most tend to greet them with excitement. Children are the most enthusiastic, but so are older adults and families. They make musical requests of them. However, the other side of the coin is also present, those who discriminate against them.