How to Maintain a Healthy Lawn

Keep Your Lawn Healthy and Green This Summer

A lawn is a representation of your home’s property, and it should be well-kept with a good lawn care. If you want to keep your lawn healthy, then make sure that you are following these tips:

1) Keep the grass cut short, but not too short. It is better to mow it every five days or so than wait a week and have tall blades of grass that will shed dirt onto your home when you try to cut the lawn. Keep the blade on your lawnmower sharp, as well, which ensures cleaner cuts in less time. It also helps to cut the grass when there is more moisture in the ground, as this will keep the blades of grass from drying out and shedding dirt. Watering your lawn helps it grow better by providing nutrition to it daily instead of waiting for rain to do so.

Lawn Care

Keep pet waste picked up off your lawn as well because not only does it stink, but bacteria can get into soil which may harm children if they come across feces while playing outside on a sunny day. It also makes your yard less attractive for those people wanting to walk through or enjoy sitting on during any time of year.

Add fertilizer to your lawn to help it grow strong and lush. This can be done as often or infrequently as you prefer, but typically once a year is enough for most people’s needs. Keep fertilizers and pesticides out of reach for children or pets because they can be harmful if ingested incorrectly. If you want to use natural remedies as well, try using molasses instead; it is an all-natural way to help keep pests away from your property while providing nutrients for the soil beneath.

Make sure the soil has good drainage; this will make sure that the roots of your grass are getting enough oxygen, which in turn ensures a healthier lawn.

Lastly, remove any weeds in the yard that are not grasses because they will compete with your grass for nutrients and water which may cause more damage than some might want on their property.