How Much Cardio Do You Need?

The Surprising Role of Cardio

The article is about how cardio can be used in the weight loss journey. It explains how it helps burn fat and gives a good summary of what to do, like which exercises should be done for desired results. The author talks about doing cardio before or after weights for maximum benefits and also goes into detail on why nutrition is important too. This article does not mention any equipment that needs to be purchased so there are no thoughts on this topic from me as well! The weight loss physician highly recommend cardio, regardless of your size and form!

Weight Loss Physician

CARDIO!!! I’ve always been worried about getting bored with running but if you know your routine then chances are you’re going to stay motivated because we all get tired at different times during our routines (I get tired after I do my fast run, which is usually the first exercise). Hence, it’s more than just about getting the heart rate going and breaking a sweat, it’s about challenging your body to work its muscles in different ways. Cardio can be done before weights or after for optimum benefit but I would also like to add that if you’re pressed for time then doing both is still beneficial as long as they are not consecutive because of too much wear on the joints when you do back-to-back exercises!

Cardio helps burn fat by creating oxidative stress which increases our metabolism so we don’t feel sluggish during workouts either. So even though cardio might seem boring at first, just remember what it means: losing weight faster with maximum results!